Sri Ramachandra Centre for Sports Science


The availability of a world class facility for scientific training of sportspersons in India has been a long cherished dream. The idea for developing such a specialised facility for Sports testing and training was born when Prof Tim Noakes from South Africa visited India and a historical collaboration between SRIHER and the University of Cape Town began in both the academic and research front. SRIHER entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with University of Cape town, South Africa and proceeded to build a world class facility for sports sciences. Sri Ramachandra Centre for Sports Science was conceived with the vision to nurture and enhance Indian sports to International levels and has all the necessary infrastructure and international expertise needed for grooming our sportspersons. The centre is situated inside the Sri Ramachandra institute of Higher Education and Research (Deemed to be University), “SRIHER” campus in Porur, Chennai.

The modern structure spanning over 1.6 lakh square feet, nestled in a green and serene campus provides a perfect setting for the sportsperson or a team's complete needs. The centre offers a host of multidisciplinary services to the sportspersons through a team of highly qualified and experienced full time professionals along with international experts in various key areas like Sports Surgery, Sports Medicine, Sports Physiotherapy, Biokinetics, Biomechanics, Sports Nutrition and Sports Psychology.

The centre is connected to Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre & Hospital, one of topmost medical facilities in India which offers world class medical care including minimally invasive Arthroscopic Surgery for sportspersons headed by Prof Arumugam S, a renowned expert in Arthroscopy & Sports Surgery


SRCSS will nurture Sports and Physical Activity of Indian Sportspersons and general public and enhance their performance and health through Acquisition, Application and Dissemination of Science through specialised Educational, Research and Training.

  • Be a pioneer and hub of Research - Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
  • Disseminate and apply this knowledge through related world-class services
  • Provide teaching and training of the highest standards
  • To spread the knowledge of sports medicine in the country
  • To advance the sports related medical care to athletes through research
  • To provide world class services to our athletes

Sportspersons of today require consistent and rigorous scientific training of the highest quality to compete at the international level. Even though India has enormous human resource potential, many of our sports persons are not able to achieve laurels at international levels consistently due to lack of proper scientific training. In all the Olympic Games put together, USA, Russia and Germany have won more than 10 medals per million peopleresiding in their country. India being the second most populated nation, with more than 1000 million people, should have theoretically won more than 10,000 Olympic medals so far, but we have won only 35 medals in total. If our dream of becoming a Sports Super Power is to be realized, it is important that we lay the foundation for the scientific assessment and enhancement of sports activities in the country.

  • Abhishek Bachchan at SRCSS
  • Abhishek Bachchan at SRCSS
  • Abhishek Bachchan at SRCSS
  • Abhishek Bachchan at SRCSS
  • Mendy at SRCSS
  • Mendy at SRCSS
  • Mendy at SRCSS
  • Mendy at SRCSS
  • Chennaiyin FC at SRCSS
  • Night Rowing at SWSC
  • Gary Kirsten at SRCSS
  • Gary Kirsten at SRCSS
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  • Jiji Thomson at SRCSS
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  • Kasturi Rangan at SRCSS
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