In competitive sports, the difference between winning and losing is getting slimmer by the day. The Biomechanics Lab helps our athletes to achieve a competitive edge by analysing and identifying strengths and weaknesses of sportspersons and suggesting remedial measures to correct defects if any. This helps to improve performance and reduce injuries

The lab is equipped with
  • Twenty VICON 3D motion capture cameras
  • Two High Speed BONITA Video cameras
  • 14 AMTI force plates spread over both ends of the lab to capture ground reaction forces
  • Sixteen channel MYON Wireless EMG system
  • Speedgun
  • BatLogic Rowing Biomechanics Analysis system
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These collect and send a host of invaluable information with regards to the various forces to which the Sportsperson is subjected and the related muscle activity through the most advanced and latest NEXUS software. This set up, one of the first of its kind in the world enables simultneous real-time analysis of sporting actions similar to the actual play environment with high precision. It also enables precise analysis for sports like tennis, badminton, hockey, soccer, basketball, etc.

A complete set up for 2D videoanalysis of the players is also available. The results of the analysis are evaluated by the international experts and a comprehensive report is presented through platforms like the user friendly POLYGON software to the management. The data is preserved in our servers to enable long term follow-up and review of the person's future course of action.

The Isokinetic dynamometer from BIODEX enables objective and precise assessments of athlete muscle strength and enable faster rehabilitation for athletes recovering from injuries. An Indoor Swimming pool adds to the variety of training and recovery options available to the athletes. The Environmental Chamber is designed to simulate high altitude conditions and control the ambient oxygen levels which will benefit athletes playing endurance sports. The detailed analysis of the test results will be presented to the team management, which will help ascertaining the exact physical profile of the sportsperson and make crucial decisions like athlete selection, return to play from injury etc. Such regular and periodic tests of the athlete's physiological profile will be beneficial in improving the overall fitness of the sportsperson.