Sports Medicine

At the Sports Medicine division of Centre for Sports Science, we work with all levels of athletes - from recreational to professional - with the goal of performance enhancement. Another key role of the Sports Medicine team is to return injured athletes to the sport that they enjoy playing - fit and improved!

The Isokinetic dynamometer from BIODEX enables objective and precise assessments of athlete muscle strength and enable faster rehabilitation for athletes recovering from injuries. An Indoor Swimming pool adds to the variety of training and recovery options available to the athletes. The Environmental Chamber is designed to simulate high altitude conditions and control the ambient oxygen levels which will benefit athletes playing endurance sports. The detailed analysis of the test results will be presented to the team management, which will help ascertaining the exact physical profile of the sportsperson and make crucial decisions like athlete selection, return to play from injury etc. Such regular and periodic tests of the athlete's physiological profile will be beneficial in improving the overall fitness of the sportsperson

Sports Medicine services encompass
  • Sports Physician & Sports Injury Consultations
  • Periodic Health Assessment and treatment of athletes
  • Monitoring, coordination and reporting of Comprehensive Athlete Assessments
  • Medical management of injuries, illnesses and other conditions
  • Performance enhancement
  • Advice regarding Supplements and Medications with respect to Doping test concerns
  • Therapeutic Use Exemption certificates
  • Immunisation and Vaccination
  • Prevention of Travel and food related medical disorders
  • Medical Fitness Testing and Certification regarding Recommendations for Rest and
  • Return to Play
  • Medical Clearance for Exercise and Rehab programs during or after injuries and illness
  • Procedures like Muscle Biopsy, Intra-articular and Intra-lesional injections
  • Age assessment

In today's competitive sports world even a slightest injury to a Sportsperson becomes a great set back to the team and country. Quick assessment, proper treatment and rehab are the order of the day. We at Sri Ramachandra CSS, are properly geared to meet any eventuality and bring back injured Sportspersons to their best shape.

The team of qualified medical and allied personnel who understand sports injuries, are capable of imparting world class treatment at the Centre

  • Abhishek Bachchan at SRCSS
  • Abhishek Bachchan at SRCSS
  • Abhishek Bachchan at SRCSS
  • Abhishek Bachchan at SRCSS
  • Mendy at SRCSS
  • Mendy at SRCSS
  • Mendy at SRCSS
  • Mendy at SRCSS
  • Chennaiyin FC at SRCSS
  • Night Rowing at SWSC
  • Gary Kirsten at SRCSS
  • Gary Kirsten at SRCSS
  • Glen Mcgrath at SRCSS
  • Jiji Thomson - Sai at SRCSS
  • Jiji Thomson at SRCSS
  • Kasturi Rangan at SRCSS
  • Kasturi Rangan at SRCSS
  • Marc Portus at SRCSS
  • Mohammad Hafeez at SRCSS
  • Msd at SRCSS
  • S.Venkatraghavan at SRCSS
  • Srinath at SRCSS
  • Sunil Narine at SRCSS
  • Andrew Leipus at SRCSS